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Become a brand promoter / influencer!

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Seeking bikini beach babes to promote the brand! 
Preferably based in Australia, or tropical traveller.
 We will supply you with samples for you to photograph & keep and your own trackable discount code to share with your followers which earns you commission each time your code is used in a swimwear purchase.

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The nitty gritty:

   Submit the Google Form below. You will receive your personalised promo code to share on social media either with a Slumber Squad swimwear image or the link inorder to give your family / friends 15% off all swimwear on the site.
   We will be able to view and track the amount of purchases made on the website with your code in a given month, which will all be exported into a monthly sales report. You will receive AUD$10 per swimwear item sold using your promo code and you will be contacted by us once the purchase has gone through.
   The commission will be paid 30 days from purchase in cash or to your nominated bank account. This is due to our 30 day returns policy as no commission will be paid on refunded items (so no one is able to exploit the system as a precaution). If your code sells more than 15 items in a month or 30 over 2 months you’ll receive a free sample and a raise.

Heaps keen? Submit the form below and we will be in touch!

Influencer Application

Example post:

“Hi Ladies!  Use my discount code "DISCOUNT15" to receive 15% off all swimwear at checkout!”

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Disclaimer: Promoters should not engage in illegal activity when promoting brand in person. Promoters should not post content that is racist/sexist/violent/illegal in nature that opposes the Slumber Squad brand’s values as a business and social enterprise that may damage the brand’s reputation by association. In doing so, the Promoter will be given a warning and should misconduct continue, will be notified of having their discount code suspended and any remaining monthly funds withheld.

Please contact us if you have any questions at