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Design Your Own Slumber Squad Activewear Set!

How good does that sound!

Doya love our collection? Ever dreamt of designing and having your clothes made to order just for you? Want a heaps hot outfit that's unique to you in the whole world? 

If you're like OMG YES, check out the new limited rewards added to our Kickstarter campaign! 

It's a win, win! By your contribution, we're able to bring more kickass styles to our online store for you, and with your pledge you will be able to get your hands on some custom made kickass gear!

Can't design, but would love your own activewear set? No problem, send some inspo pics for us to get a feel for your style and we can design one for you!

Can and would love to design? Awesome, send us your print design, or if you're Photoshop savvy, we will send you our garment template for you to colour and fill in as you choose and it will be made by us using our Recycled Plastic Bottle Activewear Fabric! Cool huh?

From this....... to this!! <3
Available in sizes from 3XS to 3XL

gemstone amethyst slumber squad activewear eco fashion set  slumber squad gemstone purple amethyst activewear gemstone amethyst activewear slumber squad

slumber squad pastel mermaid cloud set slumber squad activewear slumber squad activewear


T's & C's

Serious stuff though, by pledging means you agree with the terms & conditions of this promotion, as listed below:

  • Designs must adhere to the template and be within the sewing pattern specification of the legging, crop top and hoodie as available on the website
  • Designs must be original and must not contain copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Designs must not be racist, sexist, inappropriate or offensive in any way. Slumber Squad reserves the right to refuse designs deemed as such.
  • Designs as illustrated on the template will be created in our TOPGREEN Recycled Plastic Bottle Polyester fabric. They are copyrighted and remain the property of Slumber Squad and will bare Slumber Squad branding.
  • Customer designs will not be copied or replicated for anyone else except the customer and garment sets will be made in a promotional setting not for commercial use.
  • Slumber Squad reserves the right to use any images or corresponding material of the garments sets for promotional purposes.
  • Delivery may be at an additional 30-60 days past conclusion of campaign.

If you have any questions regarding the promotion please contact us via our form!